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Frequently asked questions 
-with a few T's and C's-

It is important to me that my clients don’t get any surprises concerning their FOTO Photography experience.  I have therefore put together a few dos, don’ts, terms and conditions so that we are all clear before the day of your shoot.  I have also included some answers to questions that clients often ask me.  I hope this helps.

  1. Who is responsible for what?

    1. Before the shoot, I will talk with you to fully understand the style of images that you are wanting.  I will provide suggestions and ideas in order to make your vision a reality.  I will also run through how best to prepare for the photo shoot.

    2. It is important that you outline any specific requirements for your shoot beforehand so that I can confirm what is and isn’t possible – most things are possible with suitable preparation. 

    3. Please advise if anyone has disability or accessibility requirements at the time of booking.

    4. I will bring all photographic equipment and some basic props.

    5. I suggest that clients provide their own personal items as props - anything that you want to be colour-specific or something special to make the shoot both personal and memorable, for example.

    6. The safety and care for all minors or vulnerable adults attending the shoot is the responsibility of a parent(s), guardian(s) or responsible adult.  When minors are not being photographed, the responsible person must also not be having their photograph taken.  The photographer cannot be responsible for the care of any minors or vulnerable adults.

  2. Booking and Timings

    1. A 30% deposit will be taken to secure the time and date of all shoots valued over £100.  This is non-refundable.

    2. An estimate will be provided including all known costs and the likely time the shoot will take. This will be given at time of booking, however, due to unforeseen circumstances during the shoot, the costs may change, but I will keep you informed throughout the process.

    3. Please advise if anyone has disability or accessibility requirements at the time of booking.

    4. Please arrive on time for your shoot with everything that you need such as make up, props and any change of clothes.

  3. Cancellation or delays

    1. I reserve the right not to return the 30% deposit in the event of a cancellation, however, I will endeavour to transfer the payment to another booking with more than a week’s notice or if I am able to utilise the timeslot for another client.

    2. If you are delayed in arriving at the agreed shoot location, I reserve the right to charge £75 per hour.  Alternatively, I may have to curtail the shoot to finish at the estimated finish time.

  4. Preparation

    1. Wardrobe – please ensure that you are comfortable with the clothing that you will be wearing.  It is your responsibility to ensure that clothes are clean and that there are no wardrobe ‘malfunctions’ e.g. items sticking out of pockets; unwanted parts of the body or underwear showing.  I will, of course, do my utmost to spot these during the shoot, but it is unlikely these can be removed with any post shoot editing.

    2. Hair and make-up – again, please check that you are happy with how you look before starting the shoot.  I can advise on whether I believe there might be shine or uneven tones in the final images, but I am not a professional make-up artist.  I want to capture you as you are seen by others and encourage positive body image.

    3. General image and demeanour – please check your outward appearance, for example, clean nails, teeth, nose etc before the shoot. 

    4. I suggest that clients bring ‘touch up’ items with them such as a comb or hair brush, lipstick, clothes-brush etc to ensure that their images are as perfect as possible.

    5. If you would like any personal props to be used in the shoot, please remember to bring these with you.

    6. Babies and children – In addition to the above, please bring your own nappies, changing items, soothers, toys and food or drinks.

  5. On the day of the shoot

    1. I will do my utmost to make you feel at ease, but please let me know if you have any questions or don’t feel comfortable in any way.

    2. I will provide professional lighting in my studio and bring equipment suited to the size of any location space.   Professional lighting on outdoor shoots isn’t always possible.

    3. I will direct the composition and framing required to capture stunning visuals for you.  This will be based on our pre-shoot discussions, but please let me know if you wish to make any changes.

    4. Major changes to shoot requirements may incur additional charges – I will advise at the time of the request if this is the case.

    5. I will take a large number of shots to ensure that I capture the images and memories that you want to create.

    6. Timings of the shoot will depend on a variety of factors, but I will endeavour to complete the shoot in the time specified.

  6. Expectations after the shoot

    1. Loved Ones and Family shoots receive access to watermarked shots via an online file within 14 days of the shoot. 

    2. For events, large corporate or school shoots delivery options will be confirmed before the shoot.

    3. I specialise in natural, relaxed photography and therefore typically don’t edit photos taken.

    4. If you wish me to specifically retouch or edit photos, I reserve the right to make an additional charge, depending on the work involved.  I will advise you of this before going ahead.

    5. You can choose 5 images which will be sent to you digitally with the watermark removed.  These images are included in the photoshoot package.  Further images are available to purchase separately.

    6. Digital images are available via an internet portal.  If they are required on an external hard drive, an additional cost may be incurred.

  7. Ongoing data protection

    1. All files are saved via Cloud storage and protected by both a password and two factor authentication.

    2. Any personal details held via digital means will be removed 12 months after the date of the photoshoot.  Any paper records will be destroyed (shredded) after 12 months.

    3. Digital images from your photoshoot (original and edited) will be retained indefinitely to enable reprint requests.

    4. Any images will only be provided to the person who booked the photoshoot, or the person named on the gift certificate.

  8. Copyright

    1. As the photographer, I retain all rights to the photographs taken.  This means that you cannot print from any of the digital or printed images provided, except for personal use.  Images cannot be sold for profit and once final images are provided; these cannot be edited by anyone else in any way without my written consent.

    2. Images included within your shoot package, or those purchased separately, can be used within your social media.  All other images can only be shared on the internet with the full FOTO Photography watermark showing.

    3. Additional digital images or printed images are available to purchase via FOTO Photography (see below).

    4. Images from your shoot may be used within my marketing activity or for entry into photographic competitions.  At time of booking, I will provide you with a form to confirm your preferences.  If you expressly ask me not to use your photos - on this form or later in writing (an email is sufficient for this purpose) – I will not use them and will endeavour to remove previously published images. 

    5. I reserve the right to use any images if payment is not received.

  9. Payment

    1. An invoice for the balance will be sent within two days of your shoot.  Payment is kindly requested within fourteen days.

    2. Payment for additional prints will be requested separately to the main shoot unless ordered beforehand.

  10. Additional images and prints

    1. I can provide additional digital images (over and above the ones included within your package) which will be provided as .jpg files, with the watermark removed.  These will be charged at additional cost.

    2. Digital images are available via an internet portal.  If they are required on an external hard drive, an additional cost may be required.

    3. A variety of printed options are available, such as canvases and standard prints, both in various sizes.

    4. A digital copy of the photographs from your shoot will be retained indefinitely.

    5. Any images will only be provided to the person who booked the photoshoot, or the person named on the gift certificate.

    6. Please contact me to discuss the cost of any of the above options.



Please note that the above information and requirements will be sent as a link at the time of booking.

It is the responsibility of my clients to read them as they will apply for all bookings.

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